Sunday, September 4, 2016

The first AND the second trimesters

I had every intention to make a more regular account of my pregnancy, but time is going by fast and here I am going into my third trimester making my very first account! I have felt really grateful up to this point *currently knocking on wood* that although my body wasn't awesome at getting pregnant, its been killing it at being pregnant! I laugh sometimes because I remember during the time between when we transferred our embryo and I went in for the blood test I spent a lot of time over thinking how I should be feeling if I was pregnant, trying to give myself some sort of hint if I was or wasn't. I remember feeling no different at all, which contributed a lot to the anxiety I felt prior to getting our results. And then I fast forward to now and if I was still just going off how I felt, I would probably still guess that I wasn't pregnant -- minus my growing belly and the adorable little baby kicks!!

SYMPTOMS, I have had a few...but honestly not many, I kind of feel dumb even recording them because they are so not anything to complain about, but here's to trying to make an accurate account! During the first trimester, from about 7-10 weeks I was tired, not so tired that I felt like I had to nap, but drowsy like I was in a constant haze. Other than those few weeks my energy has been great! At 17 weeks there was one weekend where I started feeling nauseous after I would eat, it was the weekend before our gender reveal party and my birthday, and I really thought the whole no nausea thing was going to be history, but it must have just been a weird couple days because it hasn't happened again. Probably the worst symptom I have had is heartburn, it was really bad at the beginning of my second trimester and lasted probably a month. It was constant, all the time, no matter what I ate, no matter what time of day, it was there. I do get it occasionally still but not as bad and no where close to as frequent.

I wouldn't say that I have had weirder dreams than I do normally, but I definitely remember my dreams a lot more. I have actually woke up crying from dreams twice now. Speaking of crying, I thought I would for sure experience the EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER frequently that everyone talks about pregnancy bringing on, but so far I only have one ridiculous crying story (that was not due to a dream). It was caused by a combination of a bunch of really stupid things. It was a Friday afternoon and I had gotten off work a little early for a meeting with a co-worker. The meeting ended up being really frustrating and drawn out way longer than it needed to be. From there I went straight to Target to find a swimsuit for our annual company party, on my drive to Target I was talking to Bryce on the phone and decided to get really mad at him for not dropping off my Joss and Main return in the mail at the exact moment I wanted him to. Because, duh, how could he not take returning my Joss and Main package so seriously? He in turn got frustrated back and told me I was being a nag, which was not a good choice of words. Once I got to Target and started shopping I should have turned right around and left because I suddenly got really hungry and thirsty and didn't have anything to eat or drink...which is obviously not a good way to start anything. The swimsuits ended up being a jumbled mess, in true American Fork Target style. Once I finally found a couple to try on I dragged my annoyed, frustrated, angry, hungry, and thirsty self into the dressing room, took off my shoes to try on my suits, and literally stepped into a pile of dirt. I still have no idea how in the heck so much dirt got onto the dressing room floor but it completely covered the bottom of my feet and sent me right. over. the. edge. I drove home, cried, took a nap, woke up, cried some more to Bryce once he got home from work and told him he was not allowed to call me a nag ever again. Realized I probably deserved being called a nag and apologized to him, cried some more from being frustrated that I couldn't get a handle on my emotions and then finally got over it. It was the most frustrating afternoon all due to a bunch of things that normally would have rolled right off my back. I feel so sorry for any and all woman who have to experience that frequently throughout their pregnancy! It felt like an outer body experience where I witnessed myself getting closer and closer to exploding and I couldn't stop it or steer myself in any other direction!

I haven't had any weird food CRAVINGS and have been able to keep a relatively normal and healthy diet. I have experienced the pickle craving cliche for sure, I love pickles normally so eating pickles is not odd, but I've been eating them a lot, at least one every day, they are typically the first thing I eat when I get home for work. I did experience the normal meat diversion that a lot of pregnant women do. I didn't have an issue with meat being in things, it was just when meat was by itself that I would loose my appetite. I've been able to continue working out, although the bigger my belly gets the more adjustments I have to make to my workouts. I try to do one-two resistance workouts a week, one cardio, and one yoga. I think the baby likes yoga, he always seems to be having a party in there every time I finish.

I don't know if it's fair or inconsiderate for me to say, because I know that this is not the case for everyone, but pregnancy for me has been dreamy! I know I've never felt happier, the the fact that I'm growing a little human inside of me is the most miraculous and humbling thing, part of me wants to hold him hostage in there forever! And now that my belly is growing and I feel him wiggle and kick on the regular (due to my placenta being anterior I didn't feel him kick until I was 21 weeks) it makes this experience feel so much more real.

Even more than the kicking, my favorite part, by far really, has been sharing this experience with Bryce. I have always felt like Bryce and I have a great marriage, but growing a baby together has brought with it a bond that makes my heart feel like it could literally explode. I would always get a little "judgey" (and by a little, I mean a lot) of couples that would say "to save our marriage we decided to have a baby" I always thought - wow, if things are hard, probably don't throw a baby into the mix, that is definitely not going to fix your problems! But now I'm thinking maybe they weren't so crazy. There is just something about having this intense mutual interest and love that really brings you closer, closer than I could have imagined. I obviously knew that Bryce would love our baby, but I couldn't have known how much. He is already the best dad.

Here are my two baby bump photos. If this bump continues to grow as much as it has in the last five weeks then I think I have the potential be pretty large and in charge by the end of this!

21 workout. I swear it looked bigger in person than it turned out in this photo.

26 Weeks...I wear this sweatpants a lot these days!

If the third trimester is even half as good as the first two have been then I'm so ready for it! Hears to hoping I don't blow up like a balloon...although if I do, I would still think it was more than worth it!

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